General Contract: Terms and Conditions

The standards of these general contract terms and conditions apply to the special contract between the Customer and the Webicina Advisory and Service Provider Limited Liability Company (registered seat: 1108 Budapest, Dombtető u. 2. 3./13., company register number: 01-09-902659, tax number: 14411654-2-42, EU tax number: HU14411654, hereinafter referred to as Webicina LLC.)

Execution of contract

Following the registration and the acceptance of the general contract terms and conditions, there is possibility to order the services by payment on the bank account of the Webicina LLC. (Service Provider). Placing an order is equal to giving a contract proposal. Validity period of the contract proposal: 7 days after the date of order. The contract between the Contracting Parties requires confirmation from the Webicina LLC. within the 7 days validity period of the contract proposal. (acknowledgement). The signed contract between the Contracting Parties is qualified as a written contract. According to the present general contract terms and conditions, the orders (offers) and their acknowledgments (confirmations) are registered to the computerized system of Webicina LLC., this way the orders and their confirmations are subsequently accessible. In case, the confirmation does not arrive to the customer within 7 days after the date of order, the Customer’s restriction to the offer is dissolved, and the contract between the Contractual Parties – in absence of subsequent implicit conduct, written or oral agreement – the contract won’t be executed.

Information appearing on the website

Any information, data, conditions, definitions or descriptions on the website are exclusively for guidance, the use of them is for the Customer’s own risk. The Webicina LLC. refuses responsibility for any unreliability, mistakes or alterations of the information and of the data on the website.

The rights and obligations of the Contractual Parties

The Customer declares that the data given by the registration conform to the facts. Misrepresentation by the registration is qualified as deception of the Webicina LLC., and the Customer is responsible for the resultant damages. According to the individual contracts -established by the present general contract terms and conditions- the Webicina LLC., as Service Provider is liable to supply the ordered performance to the Customer, and the Customer is liable to pay the equivalent money for the ordered performance. The Webicina LLC. can freely amend the services and prices appearing on the website. The amendments are effective from the onset of the appearance on the website, and do not affect the signed contracts. The tables, texts, illustrations and contents of the services provided by the Webicina LLC. are under copyright legal protection. Without preliminary written authorization of the Webicina LLC., the transmission, spread, reproduction, complete or partial storage or printing of the contents in excess of personal usage is prohibited. In case, the Customer breaches the present general contract terms and conditions, or the individual contract based on them, the Service Provider can invalidate the Customer’s registration, and/or rescind the contract. In this case, the Customer can not demand compensation. The Webicina LLC. records the data given by the registration, necessary or satisfactory to the identification of the Customer. The Customer accepting the present general contract terms and conditions approves that the Webicina LLC. would use the data in order to keep in touch with the Customer, to perform the contract, to enforce claims and to perform the occurring obligations defined by the rule of law.


The Customer accepting the general contract terms and conditions, accepts that the qualities of the files, services, and contents provided by the Service Provider are fully proportionate to the money paid by the Customer. The Webicina LLC. is not responsible for the damages related to the usage of the website resultant from the non-usability of the website arising by the inadequate functioning, defect or default of the website, breakdown, delay of information transmission, virus or any hostile code, fault of transferring cable; respectively, the delay of the email sent by the Service Provider as part of the service. The Customer accepting the general contract terms and conditions additionally acknowledge that the Service Provider’s performance -in connection to the personal packages- are confined to professional advice, but subsequently, the effective usage of the information is the duty of the Customer on the Customer’s own risk. Furthermore, the Customer acknowledges that by utilizing the guidance of the service, the Service Provider does not take any responsibility for the degree of popularity of the websites constructed by the Customer.

Miscellaneous provisions

In case, the present general contract terms and conditions do not contain relevant regulation, the Civil Code of Hungary and other effective Hungarian legal regulations establish the proper law of the contract. In case of legal dispute related to the individual contract based on these general contract terms and conditions, the Pest Central District Court or the Court of Budapest would proceed by exclusive jurisdiction, respectively to the sum in dispute.