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Get an easy-to-use, customizable aggregator of the curated medical resources that our audience most need. 

  • Easy to embed website widget
  • Optional password protection to only allow selected visitors access
  • Choose any health or medical topic and  select which resources to display
  • Customize to create a personal journal
  • Choose many languages, including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Croatian or Rumanian.
  • Add new topics and resources, or choose from the Webicina database of 6000+ experts
  • Add the latest medical papers for your search terms via
  • All resources are curated and constantly monitored to ensure reliable, quality information .

Examples include "Doctors 2.0 and You": 

Examples include "Doctors 2.0 and You"

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Curated catalogues, packages and newsletters

If you need curated selections of certain social media channels focusing on a given medical topic, we create catalogues, updated packages as well as newsletters that feature the most relevant news of a given topic. Download a sample of our digital landscape report here.

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