Frequently Asked Questions

What does Webicina do?

Webicina makes it easy to find the world’s hand-selected best, reliable online resources focusing on medical conditions and specialties. So far, we have found and collected advice, tips and news from more than 6000 expert patients and healthcare professionals. 


Why shouldn’t I just use Google to find medical help?

Most of us have searched for medical help online. It is convenient and let’s you access a ton of seemingly relevant resources. But search engines cannot assess the reliability of content on a medical blog or other resource. Their results are ranked based on other factors. Heeding the possibly faulty advice you find in top search results can be catastrophic.

Of course you can attempt to gauge the quality by yourself, but it is very difficult and time consuming to do. You have to cross-reference materials and look for the opinion of other, credible sources on the one you’re evaluating.

Our experts and our rigorous process make sure you only get the best of the best medical advice and tips on Webicina.


Why should I trust Webicina more than Google, how do you ensure quality content?
Our experts evaluate the best resources on a given topic one by one, using our unique quality assurance process. The process consists of hundreds of steps including contacting the author of the resource, checking the overall quality, privacy policy, medical disclaimer and many more elements. After a topic was published, we keep going back to the resource to make sure their quality still meets our requirements. We spend weeks, sometimes months to compile a selection of online resources covering a disease or a medical specialty that is up to our standards.


How often do you assess the quality of your resources?

We check each resource every month, all 6500 of them. Webicina’s active community of e-patients and doctors also reports any questionable information straight away.


Is Webicina free?

Yes. Our team and the community work tirelessly to make and keep it freely available because we believe everyone deserves to find the best information online in their medical condition or specialty.


Who’s behind webicina?

The founder and managing director is medical futurist Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD who launched the site in 2008. Now a team of 6 people, physicians, coders and social scientists from around the world work on Webicina every day. We are also aided by hundreds of expert patients and physicians who help us find the best resources.

How can I find the latest news or advice on my condition?

You can search for the medical condition, treatment or symptom you are interested in from anywhere on Webicina. You will be able to browse  the best resources, and the latest content imported from each. Make sure to follow the ones you find helpful - you will get automatic updates on all these.

Can I share something I found with my community?

Our mission with Webicina is to help you and those close to you have the best life you can. If you find a resource that’s helpful, we’ve made it easy to share via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  


Can I create a collection of the things I like the most for myself, or share it with family, patients or a community?

Absolutely! When you see something you like - be it a topic, website or Twitter feed, you can add it to your collection by clicking on the plus button in the upper right corner of the box. Your collections are easily shareable, so you can help others, be recognized for your efforts and gain followers at the same time.


What is the difference between “Your Collections” and “You Follow” in the sidebar menu?

Under “You Follow”, you will find all the sources, libraries and topics that you followed. These make up your own personalized, automatically updated, dynamic magazine.

Under “Your Collections”, you can quickly access static collections of the best blog entries, articles, news pieces or videos that you saved.