Medicine in Social Media

Customized Aggregator on Your Own Site

If you need personalized solutions for your clients, let's see what PeRSSonalized Medicine can offer:

  • You can use it on your website with password protection
  • An easy-to-use medical information aggregator, every function is one click away.
  • It can be customized based on your preferences with one click.
  • It is avaliable in several languages.
  • It is easy to add new resources or new categories.
  • You can add the latest medical papers via Pubmed focusing on your search term.
  • Selected medical journals, blogs, news sites, Twitter users, Youtube channel, slideshows, Friendfeed rooms, etc. focusing on a medical specialty or medical condition.
  • You can search in the database which represents a selected segment of the medical web.

Examples include "Doctors 2.0 and You":

Please let us know if you are interested in using the platform for your clients.