Medicine in Social Media

Curated Medical Social Media Selections

Curating Social Media

The importance of the access to relevant and quality medical information has been widely accepted for years, but as social media is only getting into mainstream thinking, its role in communication between doctors and patients as well as among peers is neglected.

By giving access to only curated social media channels either for doctors and patients can lead to better healthcare decisions with the patient; less medical errors; and lower healthcare costs purely by connecting the right people to the right resources.

We publish curated social media collections such as Diabetes 2.0 or Neurology 2.0 in which we collect the most relevant social media resources including blogs, community sites, podcasts or Youtube channels, among others that focus on a specific topic.

The process of curation consists of 3 steps:

1) crowdsourcing through our social media channels that have been built for over 5 years,
2) the Webicina Team designs a collection based on the results of the crowdsourcing, and
3) we check each resource again and provide the reasons why it was selected.