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Budapest, Hungary May, 2013 — “Curation through crowdsourcing”, that is the motto of Webicina, an online service focusing on how medical professionals of the 21st century can meet the expectations of the digital world and how e-patients can find reliable information and social media resources about a specific medical condition. curates medical social media resources by selecting the most relevant social media channels in every medical condition and specialty through crowdsourcing in international expert communities and a rigorous selection process. Webicina aims at helping physicians make their online activity as efficient as possible and assisting patients in finding reliable medical information online.

Webicina also made these selected resources available in the simplest, customizable, multi-lingual social media aggregator, PeRSSonalized Medicine available in over 20 languages.

And as digital literacy must be in the medical curriculum worldwide, the world's first digital learning environment for medical students and professionals about using social media under the name The Social MEDia Course was launched in 2012.

“It is clear that social media can change the way healthcare is delivered and while the number of e-patients is growing rapidly, the number of web-savvy doctors is not, we must help them understand each other and be ready for the challenges social media sets up.” said Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD, founder of

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