Medicine in Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webicina? curates medical social media resources through crowdsourcing with medical professionals and e-patients in over 140 topics and 20 languages for free.

Webicina accurately selects the most relevant, quality and reliable medical social media resources from blogs and Facebook groups to Twitter users and Youtube channels in order to create a curated segment of the world wide web full of verified medical resources.

The mission of Webicina, which has been featured by the World Health Organization and has been presented at Yale, Stanford and Harvard, is to introduce patients and medical professionals to a meaningful and secure use of the Internet.

What is the process of curation like?

The process of curation consists of 3 steps: 1) crowdsourcing through our social media channels that have been built for over 6 years, 2) the Webicina Team designing a collection based on the results of the crowdsourcing, and 3) checking each resource again and providing the reasons why it was selected.

Does it mean only the best resources are included?

We say that these are absolutely relevant resources and are written/moderated/managed by professionals and e-patients from the quality perspective.

What can authors of social media channels to to be included in the selections of Webicina?

Here is a list of tips and pieces of advice about improving a medical social media channel and also the quality features we look at. You can download the guide in PDF format.

Is Webicina designed for medical professionals or patients?

Webicina provides both patients and doctors with free services, and has personalized services for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

What kind of services does Webicina provide?

Here is a list of all the free and special services we provide.

Curated Medical Social Media Selections

All the social media resources focusing on your medical condition or your medical specialty, check the patient or the medical professional selections out.

PeRSSonalized Medicine

PeRSSonalized Medicine is the simplest, free, customizable, multi-lingual medical social media aggregator that lets you select your favourite resources and read the latest news and articles in one personalized place.

Why is it free of charge?

We think everyone has the right to find curated, relevant medical social media resources in their topics and in their own language.

If you have another question, please let us know.