Dialysis: Curated Social Media Resources

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According to Wikipedia, dialysis is a process for removing waste and excess water from the blood, and is used primarily as an artificial replacement for lost kidney function in people with renal failure. It affects a lot of people and caregivers as well who are constantly looking for new and quality resources online, but as usual, this is a huge challenge. This is why it is a pleasure to announce the launch of our curated collection of social media channels and resources focusing on dialysis!

Webicina's Evidence Based Database: Looking for Beta Users

June 12, 2013    Posted in Webicina tool    Add a comment
Based on the advice of our advisory board, we decided to make a tool that lets users upload peer reviewed studies discussing the use of social media platforms and approaches in medicine & healthcare. We invite beta users to help us test the database and based on the feedback we would love to improve it; also make it pretty as soon as the features work. Many thanks! You need to be registered on Webicina and get the flag that lets you upload studies. To get the flag, please send us your user name. We believe a large and comprehensive database is needed in order to use evidence-based approach when implementing social media tools in medicine.

Webicina.com Wins Gran Prize by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce!

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I just won the "Gran Prize Innovative Interdisciplinary Award" with Webicina.com organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce! I truly believe this award will help us at Webicina achieve our mission and we can keep on serving e-patients and medical professionals with the best social media resources worldwide! Thank you!

The award is in the shape of a pine tree and was created by the Swedish artist, Anna Lundin.

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