Medicine in Social Media

Why is curation in social media important?

Curation is crucial!

As there are more and more medical websites providing quality content, people tend to accept they need to use such websites in order to find medically reliable information. But what about social media?

Social media is full of resources including blogs, podcasts, Facebook groups, mobile apps, Twitter users or Youtube channels, among others, that can provide both empowered patients and medical professionals with relevant pieces of information.

We curate these resources for free with crowdsourcing through networks of medical professionals and e-patients. We manually select each resource without search engines or automatic algorithms.

The situation

The situation as we see it now:

What will happen?

The basics of practicing medicine will never change dramatically due to new technologies or the world wide web. But it will change the way healthcare is delivered.

Not because of the technology itself or the attention it receives, but because patients will need this kind of knowledge and expertise. This will happen whether you like it or not. And physicians of the 21st century must be ready and qualified to meet these expectations.

These days, we need to help all stakeholders in several ways:

1) E-patients: with curated social media collections focusing on medical conditions

2) Medical professionals: with curated social media collections focusing on medical specialties and e-guides dedicated to online activities that save time.

3) Pharma: clear guidelines about how they can use social media for communication with patients and physicians.

Webicina's mission is to play an active role in all these processes in order to design a better healthcare.